Article Directory List for 2012 with High PR DoFollow Linking

Great list of high PR Article Directories to use for SEO in 2012.

PR7 Directories:

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Google Authorship in Google Local Results

I already wrote a post about not seeing websites on the first page in both the Google 7-pak and organic results. I haven’t been too disappointed with this however, because of the Google Authorship coming through from what I call the Google 7-Pak.

marietta bankruptcy lawyer | bankruptcy attorney in marietta - Roderick H Martin

The results for Roderick H. Martin on Google using “Marietta Bankruptcy Attorney” will usually yield a Google Local front page result with photo. The next closest result is down a few pages, but these are all sub pages. For a while he was showing in the top organic results, but has since stayed at the top of Local results. I’m still doing a lot of testing with Google Authorship, and if anyone reading could help me get to the bottom of this it would be greatly appreciated!

SEO – First Page Rankings for Organic & Local No Longer Possible?

I have no idea how long it’s been this way.

Disappointed guy Human emotionsWhat way you might ask? Well, recently after doing some SEO for a client, I got him a first page ranking just from tweaking his website. A few days later, that first page organic ranking disappeared. It was replaced with a Google 7-Pak ranking. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I felt a slight sense of disappointment that I didn’t have both.

This is when I realized that a previous website we worked on had the exact same issue. During the time that website had the Google 7-Pak ranking and the phone’s were blowing up. Once they replaced it with an organic ranking, his business slowed down dramatically.

I set out to test my suspicion. I tested front page results for 3 different businesses category searches all in 3 different cities. On every single attempt, not a single website had both a page one organic ranking and a Google 7-Pak ranking.

I would love to hear from the community if anyone has any concrete information on this.