Building a Business from Nothing

Building a Business from Nothing – The Journey

I’ve wanted to take more time to write to my blog as of lately.   I’m not here to talk about SEO or List Building or even Social Media.    I’ve accomplished my goals of being a formidable internet marketing machine in a short amount of time.    I’m here to talk about the beginning.    When I had nothing and when I went to sleep at night worried that I was going to be poor for the rest of my life.

Workstation in 2009 - Built in 2002

My Workstation in 2009 – Built in 2002 – It could barely run Twitter

Rebuilding Self Confidence – Restoring Self Image

I’m not here to beat my chest about how I leveled firms claiming to employ 70 people working from a cold, dark, room in crime ridden Home Park at the age of 29 on a computer that I had built in 2002.    That’s not the point.     Over a phone conversation I had with an old classmate I was accused of being vain and self serving.   To the contrary, I’ve offered my services to small businesses that were struggling that didn’t have the marketing budgets of big name competitors because my company and collaborators had a vested interest rebuilding my community around me.   Whether are not my ambitions are perceived as altruistic or self serving is of little concern to me.   I am too busy to care what other’s think of me.  Of course I care about my professional image.  My motives being questioned is for bored rumor mongers and non-action takers.

I had to rebuild myself from a fat, unhappy man into a newly formed, remade, productivity machine.

Fat Pants - No More

After 1 Year of Extreme Interval Training I had Lost 3 Pants Sizes 

My Life Nearly Ending – Unfriendly Pedestrian CityWhen it Rains it Pours

Unfortunately being poor had some disadvantages.   I had to train on pavement and the cheap running shoes that were falling apart.   This caused the tendons in my legs and ankles to weaken and one of my ankles cratered while going up a flight of stairs.

Being issued a set of crutches from the emergency room.   I went back to the dilapidated college housing I was living in.    My roommates watched me hop around the house like an insect in a jar.   Being crippled brought about a new set of realizations that I would be trapped in the house and immobilized for a while.

After hobbling my way home from work one day in the rain on crutches at the busy intersection of Northside and 14th street I moved across the intersection unaware that there was a green arrow for left turns and ignoring the pedestrian walk sign when I saw intersection traffic stop.   An unaware Fedex truck driver came flying through the intersection and came to screeching halt so close to me that my life could have ended that split second.

When You Realize Your Life is Finite – You Lose all Sense of Fear from loss of Job Security

Being trapped in this cold, dark, drafty room in home park I decided to study web mastery.   I always wanted to learn but didn’t realized that it wasn’t school holding me back, it was the simple will to learn.   Between YouTube, E-Books, and inexpensive information products in the Warrior Forum I pieced together my business plan.  Web Masters are the gatekeepers of the internet, and social media channels led me to some excellent blogs, expert advice, and friendships from people I had never even met in person.

Rolling the Dice – Most People Never Get their Shot in Life

Workstation in September of 2011

Workstation in September of 2011 - State of the Art

 You can write a business plan on a cocktail napkin.   You can say tomorrow, or the next day.  You can say it’s your father’s fault for not sending you to a fancy art school.   You can blame everyone but yourself for your failures.    Only when staring at the end of my life did it become plain as day that I had to do something.   I was one of those people that MADE EXCUSES and blamed OTHERS.  Only once you break from this mindset does the impossible become possible.  From assembling my dream board in 2009 to the profitable business I run today, this vision was built from my MIND.   From a dark room in Home Park living with college undergrads I studied day and night with a broken foot propped up against a pillow.   I learned HTML not because a teacher made it a part of my curriculum but because I wanted to.   I built websites because I wanted to.   I was so poor in 2009 that the decision to buy 1 year of shared hosting from  Godaddy to start building websites was nearly a budget breaker.

I don’t have to worry about those things anymore.   My life is the one I always wanted to live.  My business is the one that I built with my bare hands four hours everyday after working full time at my day job.     I’m glad I got my shot, most people never even try.   That is sad, they waste away at some dive mumbling about how they were going to be a rock star one day.  I don’t have that problem.    Put aside excuses, remove distractions, and get to work.   In a world of 20% unemployment you do not want to find yourself dependent on one stream of income.   You decide your company, your friends, your collaborators, your business plan, and ultimately, your fate.

Success is a State of Mind – Don’t Wait until the Years of Your Life has Passed You By – Opportunity will Come Find You if You Open the Door



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