Social Media Marketing

Activate the Immense Power of Web 2.0 with our Social Media Marketing Services

Twitter (Atlanta Business’s Love to Twitter)

  • Optimization of account
  • Submission to the top Twitter directories
  • Setup direct message to go out to every new follower
  • Follow and add friends from similar backgrounds (Atlanta college students, etc)
  • Follow and add friends from within same geographic location
  • Maintain unfollows of people not following back
  • Work with client to create effective tweets
  • Scheduled tweets so maintenance is more “hands off”

Facebook (700 Million Person Market)

  • Optimization of account
  • Market to other pages and groups as appropriate
  • Request friends from similar backgrounds
  • Post on friend’s walls, exposing message to all of their friends and creating a viral effect
  • Work with client to create effective posts

Forum Marketing (Market Within Your Niche)

  • Find relevant forums in Atlanta
  • Establish accounts on the top 5 forums that are most relevant to client’s service
  • Create a compelling signature for forum promotion
  • Maintain 10 posts monthly to continue forum exposure

Special Offer: Pricing varies depending on a company’s individual needs. Please contact us by email and representative will contact you back within a few hours.

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