Online Reputation Management and PR

(Included with every SEO Package)

What are people saying about your brand? For every 100 great experiences at your establishment there is always going to be the one person that feels like they had to write a bad review. Our team will monitor what’s being said about your business in real time with advanced keyword tracking tools and daily Google Alerts. We monitor your online reputation and engage your customers through social media, forums, and boards. They will know that someone is *listening* to them and cares about their voice.

We also go into the field and actively find your loyal customers to get the real scoop on what people think about your brand. Our testimonials and reviews are taken from actual customers who are pleased with your services and then we simply get permission to write their testimonial for them online. Your brand deserves to have the story told by a larger audience than just the naysayers. We understand what matters most to you, running your business. Let us worry about answering the reviews and providing feedback to the community. We take your business’s online reputation as seriously as our own.

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