Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Your Business

Dillinger Media has joined the Mobile Marketing Revolution by offering a wide variety of services for your business. In the year 2011, smart phones outsold personal computers for the first time. 50% of all social media posts and communications happen from a mobile phone. Is your business mobile optimized?

The first step in optimizing your business for mobile is to deploy a mobile website. Contact us for a Free Quote on getting a mobile optimized website and landing page that is designed to work with touch screen devices and hand helds.


Is Your Web Presence Mobile OptimizedSecond, we design a QR code and texting SMS shortcode solution to build a list exclusive to your business. For restaurants and other small businesses with tight margins it is imperative that you reward and retain your regulars and we have partnered  with the Southeast’s #1 Mobile Solution, PLUM Rewards to offer a mobile solution that is built from the ground up to track ROI from repeat customers with complete Facebook integration and list segmentation so you do not have to waste money on text credits by sending coupons to people that do not return to redeem your offers.

What does this mean? The ULTIMATE mobile marketing solution combined with Social Media Marketing so you can send offers on slow business days to get more customers through the door. Look at the ROI metrics below.   Combined with Facebook, you can build a loyal and rabid fan base quickly!





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