Article Marketing

Our powerful SEO techniques include writing articles with all your keywords for your business.

Getting your business the online PR and press coverage it deserves involves putting fresh, interesting, and relevant content on the internet. We already know that a lot of so-called “online PR agencies” can come in and write about your specials and write glowing reviews about your establishment. This approach can be spotted a mile away by discerning eyes.  Instead of doing this, we think outside of the box to find interesting stories and conversation starters for your community.

Get Online PR through Article Marketing


Online marketing is about giving something back to your audience and listening to them. Blogging is an excellent way to interact with your audience and to keep your website fresh and relevant. Website updates and blogs are proven to increase traffic, but the key is consistency and that is where the difficulty lies. Ensuring that you have a firm on your side working day and night to keep your business growing on the web.


Freshly updated articles that are interesting and engaging


All of our articles are distributed on high authority sites and are built with the appropriate keywords and links to turbocharge your web presence and give your business the edge it needs to compete in the 21st century. Did I mention that Google loves fresh content? We have several website packages that include “built-in” pinging services that will alert the rest of the internet community of your updated content. This regular updated content gives your website authority in the search engines because it is updated regularly. We can build a website in “blog” format or integrate a blog with your professional services site with one of our website packages. You can write the new articles yourself after getting a website or you can have our professional team write the articles for you with one of our monthly SEO packages.

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