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Atlanta is built by diverse cultures and is a melting pot of business entrepreneurs. Growing up in Atlanta creates opportunities for generations of youths to expand and strengthen their personal en-devours. This truth extends to individuals striving to become successful Atlanta web developers. The idea of being multidimensional is the key to having a successful web development portfolio. Never utilizing single minded techniques that handcuff creativity and functionality is the goal we strive to achieve at Dillinger Media.

With over 15 years of combined experience working on internet marketing projects, Dillinger Media has decided to open its doors to share our knowledge of web development with the world. There are many different routes to achieving a great web development portfolio. We would like to explain some of our paths in detail from start to finish. We will go over beginner level questions about Word Press, Joomla, and custom coded projects. There will also be rich discussions about more advanced subjects, such as Angular.Js, Node.Js, NOSQL, and any new technology that sparks our interest. Most of the new technologies that are coming out today have been created by GOOGLE, so there is already a since of trust when using these new frameworks. Documentation and tests of our findings will be a large aspect of how ideas are spread and shared to reinforce the logic behind any claim made on this blog. We ultimately would like to create an Open Source toolbox,where people can come and learn about the newest forms of technology available and how to use them properly.

Respect has to be given were respect is due. WordPress is numero uno here at Dillinger Media. There is no other CMS that offers the same streamlined functionality from an admin perspective. Second there would not be an Open Source community as strong as the web offers today if it were not for Stack Overflow. We will frequently reference threads and comments that have been posted on this site to help answer and clarify tough questions asked by our team and readers. There is also a huge amount of respect that goes out the AngularJS community for the amount of high level information shared and discussed daily. It is highly recommend to anyone who is serious about web development to go ahead and sign up for the AngularJS Google group.

There are a couple of programs that should be mentioned as well to help people get their feet wet in the world of web development. Sublime Text 2 is an amazing application that gives the developer the tools to organize and control all aspects of the editing environment. Node.JS is a brand new asynchronous server side technology that gives the developer many new alternatives to fast logical code.  SFTP Net Drive is a great program that gives the user the ability to host a sftp connection to any server with a very simple GUI. This is highly recommended for anyone who would like to host their files on a Linux server. Secure CRT is also one of those programs that is used is high frequency while working with Linux Servers.

These are all suggestions for individuals interested in becoming real geeky nerds. If someone wanted to master web development, then they would have a hard road ahead of them. Since we want to be masters, we believe that part of the journey should include helping others where we have failed. Saving others time is the key to opening many doors in the world of web design. We plan on Opening as many doors as possible with our efforts and our discussions.

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Kennesaw State Graduate, Josh Kurz has a computer science degree and has been working with Dillinger Media as the Chief Information Officer. Recent work includes Pro Source Inc, RYECO, Kayal Dermatology & Med Spa. Also, owner of 321 Open Sesame, an Atlanta Locksmith.

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