Meet our Web Developer, Josh Kurz

Josh Kurz of 321 Open Sesame LLC and Atlanta CarlocksmithJosh Kurz of 321 Open Sesame LLC and a recent graduate at Kennesaw State University is our leading Atlanta web design team member.  His credentials at KSU include a bachelor of science degree with a major in computer science and a minor in business management. Josh Kurz is an experienced php and javascript developer. Some of his work includes a database app for

His super power is the Dragon Kick, and this devastating blow is only delivered to those who keep asking for Flash websites. OK, we’re just kidding about the flash websites, but the dragon kick is real as evidenced by this photo.

Josh Kurz - Atlanta car locksmith and Atlanta Web designer

The Dragon Kick

Ok, ok, so we’re kidding about the Dragon Kick too. On a more serious note, Josh Kurz has his own Atlanta Car Locksmith business. If you’re looking for an experienced Atlanta Web Developer or Atlanta auto locksmith then you can reach him at  1-855-321-OPEN or you can email:

No dragon kicks will be necessary to unlock your car. We promise.

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Atlanta native and CEO of a small Web Marketing Company - Dillinger Media LLC. When I'm not glued to my computer you'll probably find me following the Braves or Falcons or getting some outdoor fun in the sun.

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