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Dillinger Media represents the pinnacle of a web development project spanning eight years. The idea formed to bring a  media studio to Atlanta back in 2004 while two friends were working on a Photoshop project together. As technology matured and mobile devices became as powerful as household computers the need for a different kind of SEO company surfaced. A smarter, faster, and more nimble development studio that could fuse social media and search engine technology to bring powerful digital marketing to Atlanta business’s so they could adapt to rapid change.

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Communicate With Your Customers

The Difference That We Can Make

Communications between businesses and the community they serve have become more important than ever. The internet has evolved with social platforms to create a system of peer recommendations that effects the dynamics of marketing in a way that dissolves the barrier between customer service, sales, and marketing. Now, more than ever, a business is able to to communicate directly with their customers and build a community around their brand by establishing trust and thought leadership. More than just numbers and sales funnels, the customer is a human being that can have their opinion and voice broadcast online.

Customer Centricity is the Basis for Effective Social Media Marketing

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Social Media has dissolved this disparity between the idea of a customer or client as a number on a balance sheet and humanized the movement to bring real-time engagement directly to the people that make your business flourish.

We offer a free consultation for every business. Let us show you how many people in Atlanta are searching for your business right now. We take a personalized approach with our clients to find a strategy that will yield them the best return on investment possible. Contact us for a free quote today.

Michael Dillinger

– Search Engine Marketing Consultant, Project Manager at Dillinger Media LLC

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